Version 1.0.23

4th June 2024

Upgraded Ruby and Rails to latest version
Major version of a few dependencies

Version 1.0.22

22th May 2024

Fixed a stuck modal problem when downgrading to free
Fixed Norwegian, Danish and Czech languages
Upgrade dependencies

Version 1.0.21

13th May 2024

Fix a regression bug introduce by App Bridge v4 on email logo upload
Increase compatibility for streaming .mov files

Version 1.0.20

6th May 2024

Use newest Shopify AppBridge for smoother and faster loading.
Unnecessary redirects removed to improve page loading speed.
Updated many internal libraries.

Version 1.0.19

29th April 2024

Security update. One of the libraries used had a CVE, so we released a fix. Security is always the first priority

Version 1.0.18

23rd April 2024

Complete rewrite of the discount logic, no external changes but lots of internal stuff
Updated Shopify CLI to latest version
Fixed an annoying bug that was causing a "refused to connect" or "too many redirects" errors
Changed internal error and performance monitoring tools, immediately found and fixed 3 bugs:
- wrong pagination on subfolders for epubs
- error on coercing a pagination string to Integer inside delivery page
- customer not found because of webhook delay
In the meantime, we removed some unused code to decrease LCP

Version 1.0.17

16th April 2024

Shopify API version 2024-04. Changes in order risk and count fields - no noticeable change for merchants / customers
Fix an annoying issues with multiple markets adding localised urls and not properly ignored. Reach out to support if you have a 404 issue
Expose provider inside video player to be able to do complex conditionals in Liquid

Version 1.0.16

9th April 2024

Cloudinary watermarking opacity and API improvements

Version 1.0.15

2nd April 2024

Enable streaming from Cloudinary and Cloudinary Video watermarking support

Version 1.0.14

20th March 2024

When a shop paying for a yearly plan goes over bandwidth we send now a one time charge (and a special offer!)
Updates Shopify App gem and Shopify API gem to the latest versions - ready for 2024-04 API version
Updated a lot of other gems and libraries - security, performance and usability

Version 1.0.13

11th March 2024

When using new customer accounts, Sky Pilot will now ignore "disabled" state - according to Shopify, that field is not in use on the new customer accounts.

Version 1.0.12

28th February 2024

Ability to add a personalised/custom Product to an Order. Requires permission approval to allow creating Products from merchants
Fixed license key creation when files limit per folder is reached

Version 1.0.11

28th February 2024

Improved videos deleted email
Internal security improvements

Version 1.0.10

27th February 2024

Many internal libraries updated

Version 1.0.9

19th February 2024

Fixed an issue with Instagram and Facebook mobile app browser preventing downloads
Fixed an issue when sending a deleted video reminder email, all the deleted videos were shown, now only the correct one(s)
Many internal libraries updated

Version 1.0.8

5th February 2024

Ability to upload, manage and sell License Keys
Add an option in "Notify All Customers" screen to notify only active subscribers, when the product selected has a subscription.
Improved PDF stamping for non-standard page sizes
Ability to hide checkout extension widget while loading 
Many internal libraries updated

Version 1.0.7

24th January 2024

Store ePub page in local storage, so when reloading the customer can start from the latest page
Edit video deleted email, so merchant knows which video has been deleted from Vimeo
Bump Shopify API version to 2024.01
Fixed accent color editing in email page
Many internal libraries updated

Version 1.0.6

18th January 2024

Fix for changing of accent color in Settings not being recognised correctly
Many internal libraries updated.

Version 1.0.5

15th January 2024

Improved app loading speed!

Version 1.0.4

10th January 2024

Send email when order without digital items gets upsold to having digital items. Updated internal libraries

Version 1.0.3

2nd January 2024

Fixed a bandwidth expired issue with yearly plans. Updated internal libraries to fix security issues. Fixed an error message on delivery pages when video delivery was not active

Version 1.0.2

21th December 2023

Fixed a couple of small issues related to automated fulfillments and duplicated jobs. Updated Shopify API version to the latest available, released Ruby On Rails version 7.1.2. Merry Christmas!

Version 1.0.1

12th December 2023

Small bugfixes identified after initial release of Embedded view. Sky Pilot will now correctly handle upload failure errors related to expired JWT tokens.

Version 1.0.0

11th December 2023

Sky Pilot was launched on 17th May 2013, but we never kept a real changelog, so we decided to start from today. Today, 7th December 2023, Sky Pilot becomes embedded on your Shopify Store. What does this mean? It means that you don't have to open a new tab to check Sky Pilot and that if you have two stores you can keep both open on their own Sky Pilot instance